I love writing music. Composition is so closely connected to how I re-engrave music. The more I study the music of other men and women before me who have mastered this craft, the greater I grow in knowledge and skill.

It also helps to have amazing teachers leading you to not just know what to think, but help you to develop a sense of how to think for the future. My professor during my M.M. told me this, “Lots of students spend their entire lives chasing teachers around when they don’t even know how to think for themselves. The truth is, you spend most of your life without a teacher; learn to be your own teacher.”

In the end, I write everything. I have the most experience writing for smaller ensembles. I also write religious works (all Christian) including Hymns, Psalms, Choral Introits, Anthems, etcetera.

I also create exact copies of pre-existing music. Because of copyright concerns, however, I only do things that are in the Public Domain, or are freed from copyright restrictions, or are permission-granted works.

If you’d like examples or a reasonable quote for services, feel free to contact me at

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